The Forbidden History

It would seem the idea of divine leadership or divinely appointed leadership has become an idea associated with ancient history, when mankind didn’t know better and was easily deceived by those seeking power. However the idea of the divine royal family isn’t simply tied down and locked away to the annals of history as most of the people in the west may have been led to believe. The truth is, the struggle between the divine and human leadership over the earth is as alive today as it has ever been. Unfortunately, this is not what the media will portray either out of their innocent ignorance or purposeful ignorance. This section will discuss the ancient tale behind this struggle that goes back to the early days of Adam and is still playing the major role in driving and shaping the current events in our present and propping up to make a comeback and resurrect its influence as we move into the future and the realm of “End of Days” prophecies.

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The Baby Jesus

The “self-described” Muslims today, Sunnis and Shias alike, believe The Mahdi is not explicitly mentioned or referenced in The Holy Qur’an. Instead, they proclaim God has revealed verses that give strong indications and hint at his foretold coming. There are many reasons why God may chose to reveal or exclude The End of Age Messiah from the scriptures; perhaps the Prophet’s words and the fact that the narrations concerning his inevitable arrival are more than enough, or maybe previous books have already sufficiently highlighted his coming that it would be redundant to keep reinstating the point. However, I tend to get suspicious when all Muslims agree on something. That is why I looked for the name “Mahdi” in the Qur’an. Perhaps the Muslims are unaware of that, or are they? Let’s find out if Jesus really spoke as a baby or is there no low the “Muslims” would not stoop to to turn on their King.

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The Pagan Hajj

Pilgrimage to The “Holy” city of Mecca has been a corner stone (No pun intended) of The Pagan Muslim faith. Hajj in Arabic means establishing the proof, or the onus of proof on the other person. If you are an Arab Muslim, the Hajj means giving away about 4000 dollars to the King of Saudi Arabia to wipe away all your sins. Why do they believe that, you ask? Well according to the “Muslims”, because it says so in The Qur’an. Perhaps you would like to know where exactly God says that? I sure did when I first heard of that, it would seem a little conflicting with the whole idea of Exalting the Creator above all else. And when I couldn’t find it, I asked where it is that they read God asking them to perform this ritual to Meccah. Unfortunately a real answer never came, but something else did. In this section I will describe the reasons the Muslims perform their Hajj to Meccah, and we’ll find out what God thinks it and why God calls it Masjid Al-HARAM. Is it really a term of endearment like Muslim believe, or are they not above bending the meaning of any word, even HARAM, in the Qur’an to make it mean what they want it to mean.

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Economic Slavery

Many believe we are leaving in a “Free World”, a statement that ought to be taken less seriously than the claim that we are leaving on a “Flat Earth”. This section will shed light on what it means to be a slave and how one can find out whether he is one or not. This might sound confusing to some because many believe the only slave are those who used to work on plantations in the past. While the reality and history tell a very different story. The history of slavery of man is as old as the history of man on earth, with many types and means of enslavement developing throughout the course of the civilized human farming. I hope it will not be surprising to find out that we are living under the most effective and advanced form of slavery via mind control and we are entrenched to our throats in the cool-aid.

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Learn about the difference between real value and fake value and how to differentiate them. This part will also go over the link between money value and time value and how ignorance of the relationship between the two leads many to make choices that fall much shorter than what was intended. This understanding will help many see things and a very different light and will simplify many of the problems that may sound overwhelming in today’s intentionally overbearing world of finance. Whether buying a house or saving for retirement or college, this will certainly help you separate fact from fiction (nonsense). In addition we will discuss the essence of money and what it is and compare that to what it is we have today to see where there is a match and where the gaps are large enough to swallow us all.

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Systems of Control

Fnd out the foundation upon which the system is built and its underlying fundamental flaws. This section develops a new approach of studying and understanding the financial system but cutting through all the nonsense and jargon designed only to cover up the truth and discouraging anyone who would attempts to understand what is going on. My approach will make everything clear as day and it will set the foundation for understanding the theoretical basis of my solution to the problems and circumnavigation of all the modern day weaknesses of the financial system that has led the world to its destruction.

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Ark of The Covenant

One of the signs that God’s children would use was demonstration of God’s guidance to them. This usually took on many different forms but one of the most frequently used and served as a signature shared by the most prominent of God’s children-(especially among those with a more messianic (saving-type) mission like that of Prophet Moses)-was the return of the “Ark of the Covenant”. The ark of the covenant could be used to describe many different things of divine nature, including the messiah himself, as he is the avatar or the embodiment of the covenant man has signed with God. But the ark was also used to describe a large chest that was used to hold the written words/tablets along with other holy and sacred objects. Many of The Prophet’s personal items along with The Staff of Moses and Rings of Solomon are among the many things believed to be contained in the Ark. And so the return of this Ark to the people was considered a huge sign to the people and finding it was often considered to be miraculous and demonstrated the guidance the messiah received from the Creator. In this section, the journey to finding this Ark will be highlighted and briefly touched upon and I will let the reader decide whether it was divine guidance that was the driving force behind the find, or just pure old good luck.

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The Temple

One of the key prophecies concerning the return of the messiah is the rebuilding of the 3rd temple and the making of sacrifices. Without getting into what is being sacrificed and for what reason at the moment, I believe finding the temple should be the first step towards this goal. Thus it would not be a stretch to say that finding the ruins of the temple that is to be rebuilt is as miraculous as it is necessary. So in this section I will reinforce my claim by putting an end to this ridiculousness called The Palestinian/Israel conflict by locating the real city of David and its Beqaa Valley where the original temple was built. Not to break any hearts, but the current belief of modern day Jerusalem/Temple Mount being the location of ancient Israel is as funny as the assertion that Islam began in the uninhabitable terrains of modern day Mecca.

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The One Eyed

The section will built upon my lessons on what religion is and using the proper absolute definitions we derive to reveal the identity of the Anti-Christ and the mechanisms by which this One-Eyed view of the world has enslaved mankind as the consequence of man’s transgression against God’s advice and refusing to learn from previous nations’ mistakes. Hopefully once some of these tools or “beasts” of the Anti-Christ are revealed then the true value or role of the real Christ will come to be appreciated…or not. For as before, Man will get the opportunity to chose one last time. Either mankind will learn from the previous lessons and previous nation’s mistakes and show it has developed the necessary consciousness for complete awareness of God’s Name and supremacy or will attempt to challenge God’s authority again and seal its fate with inevitable doom similar to his ancestors.

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Night of Decree

The Meaning & Destiny behind the Night of Power.

Indeed, We sent him down during the Night of Decree.
Al-Qadar 97:1


Learn what has come and what is yet to.

for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night
1Thessalonians 5:2


Learn the Name known by all but spoken by none

He whom Allah guides is on the Mahdi; and he whom He leaves in error are the losers.
Al-A’raf 7:178


Learn About The Blessed Tree.

as well as a tree that issues from Mount Sinai, 8 yielding oil and relish for all to eat.
Quran 23:20


Learn About The Real Madina, the place to be.

Then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging;
Quran 23:13


Learn about the identifying descriptions of The Messiah

lit from a blessed olive-tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof gives light, though fire touch it not
Quran 24:35

The Dragon

The King of Egypt

Gog & Magog