The Great Proof

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Part of THE GREAT PROOF will involve a detailed discussion on “CREATION” – The act itself (the verb) not the objects of the act. Once a proper definition is established, we will then use ABSOLUTION to construct a MODEL describing the general relationship between the Creator and its Creation that is consistent with our definition. Our MODEL will be designed in such a way that will allow us to extrapolate and apply it to the entirety of EXISTENCE to derive the attribute of The Creator (of all existence). Of course, this is after we also discuss and IDENTIFY existence properly, which will take many steps and discussions of various topics but I’m only trying to provide you with a very oversimplified overview of what THE GREAT PROOF entails. After The Creator (his NAME actually not the CREATOR for reasons that will become evident in our discussions) - is IDENTIFIED, we will develop a proper SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT based on our pre-established NECESSARY TRUTHS to test for if he’s “real”. And then, the final part will be providing the evidence that prove that




Again, this is an extreme oversimplification, but this is how I would label the parts of the proof if you force me to break it down into 3 overarching components. Each of these components, however, is going to require a lot of supplementary discussions and “Sub proofs” of their own. There is also going to be a lot of necessary “back and forth” to make sure every subsequent “truth” is consistent with pre-established ones. So, we will be following an eerily “similar” pattern as they are doing now in Mecca, like going in circles and the back and forth between the two hills. Except what I’m doing is the actual HAJJ (PROOF) the prophets (Abraham/Moses/Jesus/Mohammad) were teaching. As for the “Meccan Version”, well you can ask them, I personally have no idea.

And for the record to all of you “MUSLIMS” reading this, once I accepted the fact that it was my purpose to prove God to the world and establish his true religion, I started with the same assumptions as all of you about the “5 Pillars”. In fact, I’m sure there are still “artifacts” of the time when I was trying to prove and teach the significance of the Kaaba and Mecca and even your version of the Hajj. But I was dumbfounded by the absence of any basis for it whatsoever. I mean aside from the fact that you all seem to think it’s a thing. But outside your deluded imaginations there is nothing that supports or even suggests that what you’re doing isn’t as PAGAN as a religious ritual can be.  And once that wall came down, everything else soon followed. Your “PRAYER” are PAGAN, and so is your “FASTING”. You pray when THE SUN tells you to, and in the direction THE SUN tells you to. You fast until THE SUN tells you to stop. Fasting has nothing to do with food and water by the way. I won’t even tough “ZAKAT” and “SHAHADA” right now because there is no point if you got the basic ones so wrong. But I would like to end this brief intro with a few reminders from the Quran to remind you “MUSLIMS” of the state of mind you should adopt when approaching someone bringing you different ideas about God then what you’ve been told.

 وما جعلنا القبلة التي كنت عليها إلا لنعلم من يتبع الرسول ممن ينقلب على عقبيه وإن كانت لكبيرة إلا على الذين هدى الله وما كان الله ليضيع إيمانكم إن الله بالناس لرءوف رحيم

In this exert above, and according to "Muslims" own interpretations, God changed the direction of their prayers to see who's going to listen to The Messenger and who is going to stick to his ways (forgetting the real reason they were praying one way in the first place). God adds that it's seen as a big ask except by those who God has guided. It also says that God wouldn't waste away the deeds of their faith. But to understand that last part, I have to offer my interpretation of this verse which is a verse about this website and the information presented here. God is saying to you "Muslims" that you shouldn't deny this truth because you're afraid all your deeds will have gone to waste, he's kind and merciful to those he guides.

الذين يستمعون القول فيتبعون أحسنه أولئك الذين هداهم الله

In the this exert, God is describing those who LISTEN to the conflicting ideas they're are told and they FOLLOW the better of them as those whom God has Guided.

يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جاءكم فاسق فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين

In this exert, God is calling on those who “believe or have faith” to VERIFY any revelation (news revealing “new” truth) being brought forward by a corruptor so you don’t falsely assign ignorance to people and end up regretting what you did.

فَرَاغَ إِلَىٰٓ ءَالِهَتِهِمۡ فَقَالَ أَلَا تَأۡكُلُون مَا لَكُمۡ لَا تَنطِقُونَ

Now the first three exerts were translated according to the meaning accepted by “Muslims”. For this one however, I simply cannot conform to your “belief” that Abraham was asking the pagans “how come you aren’t eating or talking?” when they rebelled against him when he was explaining to them the error of their ways. It’s crystal clear to me that he was asking them:

Why aren’t you thinking logically?

“منتق”{M-ntek} being the root of “تنتقون”{T-ntek-un} which means LOGIC


 “عكل” {3KL} or “عقل” {3QL} being the root words of “تعكلون” {T-3KL-UN} or “تعقلون” {T-3QL-UN} which mean BRAIN and THINK

Keep in mind that when I read The Quran, I read it in it’s original from, so I remove all the “dots” and “Accents/Vowels” and other letters like “Hamzas” that were added later to “help the foreigners read”. So, it’s very obvious to me how they replaced “ع” in {T-3KL-UN} with the hamza “ء” to make it {T-2KL-UN} (think of how ع was written mid-word on the line)

There is a whole discussion that shows how these alterations that were designed to “help” were purposefully implemented to twist meanings of words. Until then, feel free to continue believing that these verses are telling you that:

Abraham was asking the people trying to kill him for his blasphemy why they were silently letting their food get cold!


But those verses should be enough for any "Muslims" sincere in wanting to follow what God wants rather than what his fathers' have passed down to


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