Friday may 26

1st Day Ramadan

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Friday Sept 29

10th Day ashoura

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Monday Aug 21

Solar Eclipse

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This story I am about to write is no ordinary story. It is the story of everything. It is the story of you, me, and every human being on this planet. The story that lays in the center of what connects us all and forms the backbone of our existence. Knowing this story is the first step on your path to understanding your purpose. Any attempt at answering the question "Why am I here" without being familiar with this story is equivalent of trying to jump in midair. Ironically, our story centers around the death of a prophet, the last of the prophets, the prophet Muhammad, in the year 632 A.D. But our story begins much earlier, about 2000 years earlier, in a land called Babylon, or what you know as present day Iraq. The following is a summary of the accounts that transpired there which have led to what the ancient scriptures described as the age of the apocalypse.

about 700 years after Yeshua,

The Promised Prophet ended up emerging as they expected in Mecca

Before his death, the political situation in mecca had reached


After the death of The Prophet,

After the death of Othman

Imam Hassan relinquished his

Whey they reached the house of Yazid

Speech 1, 2

The 4th Imam returned to

The Abbasids however,

The 8th Imam

After the death of the 11th Imam

The most mention worthy of the claims is the Fatimad Caliphate in Africca

After the Crusades,

And this led to the start of WWI



The new millenium