Prerequisite: Badge of Understanding.

Only what can happen will happen because what happens only happens when it is understood to happen. 



Ideally, my first step of explaining exactly what it is I am about to it discuss is to give a clear definition of the term. However in the case of miracle, I find that an entire section is required to adequately dismiss all the false beliefs, ideas, and expectations; and give the right understanding of what the accurate meaning of a miracle is or should be.

Present Misconceptions

Current Perception


When most people think of miracles, they usually imagine something that defies belief of what is possible.  They imagine an event to be so impossible that if it were to come true then the only possible explanation would be a miracle from God. Therefore they would only accept something as a miracle if an impossible event takes place. This MAGIC KNOT is based on the belief that because an event can only be explained, or better put, understood as the consequence of divine interference, then it is considered a Miracle.  Hence miracles is defined as events that point to the divine.  In other words, any event that takes place which makes people believe it was a sign from God is a labeled miraculous event.  

The definition above defies the Requirements Of Understanding ROF.  The reason for this is an impossible event is an event that cannot take place, if any event was to take place then it would automatically be rendered as POSSIBLE.  This knot is called the Closed Minded Knot, because the way it is stated leaves no room for it to ever be true. 

In other words it is like sitting inside of a room with a small 5 meter opening and asking for proof that 10 meter balls exist by bringing it into the room.  It is reasonable to ask for something dumbfounding in order it may be considered a miracle, perhaps near impossible, but it must be POSSIBLE.  Because only possible events can happen BDF.  It must also be something that can be understood, because only what is understandable can be perceived, and only what is perceived can be defined, even if the definition is Miracle.

I am almost certain this confusion was created on purpose in order to drive us away from God to isolate us into the controllable states you all find yourselves in.  This confusion was the result of an attempt to discredit the involvement of divinity in our daily affairs by raising the standards of what is consider scientifically possible to a (NONCOMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING) LEVEL thereby pinning science and religion as 2 realities at odds rather than complimentary and proof of each other.

Precedents Exist & Must Exist

One of the main reasons that helped and is still helping in the spreading of this misunderstanding is the fact that many of the religions, at one period in history or another, found themselves competing for memberships. During these times, some of the heads of these religious institutions saw that truthfulness and authenticity takes a back seat to recruitment rates. These sort of decisions are always motivated by many different types of reasons, from political and personal gains to almost every other type of pressure one can find themselves subject to. But the one thing that never contributes to the spread of these misrepresentations, and just plain lies in many cases, is true understanding and fear of God.

Anyone with a little of reading into history, whether recent or distant, is quite aware of this phenomena of using religion as a political tool (Our modern times are no exception!). In addition to all the mainstream corruption that was and still is rampant across all institutions of power, holy wars and revolution increased the demand for the types of unbelievable stories and myths sold to the people as miracles. And today, all this dishonesty of all religions at a certain point (I really don't find any need to make any exceptions here!) has return to haunt them in their fight against this modern day explosion of atheism. This is specially true concerning the more prominent religions and with their bloodthirsty history, we can see they have become entrenched in false ideologies and beliefs all or most of which are based on fantastical claims that are either absolute lies or at best as far from the truth as they can be.  So it should come as no surprise to us why these religions propose, rather insist, that the modern misconception of what a miracle is must stand. Many of the people or scholars who usually find themselves responsible to either clarify these matters or remain quiet (and just kick the can of worms down the road), come to find an overwhelming barrage of brothers of the cause trying to silence them with the same kind of reasoning that started these issues in the first place:

  1. No good can come from that!
  2. People will only lose faith in our institutions!
  3. This will only help our enemies!
  4. Now is not the Time!
  5. What can one person do!
  6. It's not my job!
  7. etc. etc. etc

There is never a lack of "reasonably" sounding excuses to convince yourself it is better to lie, completely forgetting that it is Iblis' main mechanism to supply you with these excuses that hold no water if you were to be honest with yourself and judge accordingly.

I wanted to briefly mention the fact that I am well aware of the large and very inclusive group of religions that believes and accepts miracles as an essential part of the faith or simply recounting incidents or explanations that involve such a misguided belief. Yet I categorically deny any such events to have happened, or can ever happen the way they claim they have and/or will. And the material on this page will go in depth into the reasoning why I believe it to be so and why I am right and they are wrong.

Cases in point

I just want to highlight some of examples of beliefs that I find them to be a great disservice to one's own religion and God to believe in and to contribute to the status quo of their acceptance. I am only going to mention them here and I will address my responses to each one at the end. So here's my top 7:

  1. Splitting of the Sea
  2. Talking Baby


The Baseless Bases

A Rock & A Hard Place

I want to start by addressing all the different types of answers one might here as a defense from the other side and offer a proper response to each one. But first I wanted to reiterate that I am not someone who denies the fact that miracles have happened, are happening, and will happen. What I am is against the present day understanding of what they are supposed to be. And you will find that once all the misconceptions are cleared up, people of faith will have more than enough reasons to be joyful; if their intentions were pure in wanting to protect their faith and not their own pride by denying they are wrong.

I felt like this needed to get cleared up before my words and rebuttals turn into a tool in any atheists' hands to be used against any people of faith. I believe with purity of the heart, these clarifications should be welcomed and accepted by all faiths who consider themselves worshiping The Creator God or God of Abraham as he is known to the 3 major religions. So if you are a stubborn atheist, you might enjoy the some parts of this page but you will find that short lived in light of the rest of the material on here, and on the site as a whole. As for atheists searching for the truth and demand sufficient evidence to be presented before accepting any belief, then to you I say "Welcome Home!".

I know some of what I will go over might seem unnecessary or redundant in light of everything being discussed, but I wanted to try to be as comprehensive as possible to help some of the younger readers get answers they may not be able to derive on their own from the main debunked points. So if you are reading this and are on track with the greater line of reasoning I started in other sections, then you will probably want to skip many of what is listed below and go to the Understanding Square Section.

The All Powerful Argument

God can do anything.

But It Says So Clearly

Read it carefully

How meaning is derived?

The He Said She Said Game

Quoting historical sources.

The Numbers Game

How can so many be wrong?

An Authentic Witness

But we know so and so saw it, and they wouldn't lie.

But That Means...

My parents lied to me, or my faith has been a lie...

Not True, but if would be if you insist on believing in a lie.

The Hard Place(ys) Tricks

Now in order not to contradict the rules we set for ourselves in the beginning when we discussed how truth must always be ascertained, I will admit that all these reasons above don't necessarily, as in absolutely, make them wrong. So despite the fact that what I presented might seem as overwhelming proof to many, or definitive to myself, I still can't allow myself to accept, much less believe, to be true until I have measured it against the alternative.  And the alternative here is the explanations offered or the definition offered by those who disbelieve in the idea that miracles can or have ever happened.

Before we dive into this part, I want mention that if we were to be fair to the other side, so far into the arguments they can simply walk away with argument that you don't seem to have any supported arguments that can convince most people who weren't brought up believing it in the first place. So they can walk away on grounds that you don't and can't know, so their guess to not believe is just as valid as yours. Because even if they were to follow your strongest unstated argument, then that argument would seem that they should follow what their used to and what makes them comfortable.

However I am not a supporter of the accepted definition, so from my perspective I still need to hear the other side's arguments before I make a decision of whether to accept or refute the idea of miracles, for the reasons we have deduced in the Geometry of Truth Section. So for me, as it should be to all the readers of this site, there is no pre-accepted belief to simply fall back into and deny the idea of miracles entirely. So let us start objectively understand the reasoning followed by those who deny miracles all together.

Linguistic Traps

The Lucky Coincidence



There is one thing that this approach does not and cannot account for because it makes use of an idea that is applied in the scientific community with the understanding that it is evidence of sufficient proof, and that is intention (HIDDEN TRIXEL).  But first, we have another question that must be answered.


If miracles are not supernatural events that defy possibility, how are we to distinguish the miraculous from the mundane?  The answer is quite simple actually, and would become very clear to us if we were to take a moment to clearly define the terms we use when we debate these matters.  Once this is done, we can see that science does not simply encompass miracles but moreso required for miracles to exist.  Because miracles, by their nature, can be assigned a statistical value they fall within the realm of what is probable.  To make the distinction, an example is more explain it in terms of an example.  Let us consider a person who wins the lottery, if this winner was a lottery player his entire life this is great news for anybody who hears about it but nobody will think it is a miracle, while the statisticians will say that is very normal considering how many tickets were sold, it would be more unlikely if the event that nobody winning.  But what if this was his first time playing?  Many of his friends will say he is the luckiest man they have ever met, while statisticians will say that it is normal because overall the probability equation and due to the laws of independent outcome.  Now what if the same person wins again?  Well stories in local newspapers with a quick segment on 8 oclock news introducing you to the luckiest man of the year, while statisticians remain unhinged.  What about 3 times? Well here the story would probably become national headlines with the winner earning himself a couple late night show appearances with the possibility of invitation to the next season of dancing with the stars and maybe a permanent spot on a new gameshow notorious for the original name of “are you luckier than the luckiest man on earth” with your host (insert minority C list actor here) with the  of landing a marketing contract with Kia with TV ads ending with him driving one of their 5 star safety rated models along with the tagline “when the luckiest man in history takes no chance, neither should you!”.  All that while statistitians claim that considering the lottery is most likely going to be run for eternity, it is near definite that one of the 2 time winners will win a 3rd time, now that there is an infinite number of them, why not!?

Ok fine.  As unfair and bias as that is in classifying an event, I will throw that bone and conceide to them the point that an extremely unlikely event, no matter how unlikely it is cannot be thought of as a sign of anything more than that.  But what if I include another criteria to determine a sign from the divine?  What if we add intention?  In other words, would it still be appropriate, but more importantly, logical to dismiss a very rare event taking place if there was an intention behind it?  For example, if someone prayed to win the lottery, they will say everyone does that if he wins.  But what if you do something that nobody else does? Like what if you ask God for a blue car and someone comes to your house and offers you a free car?  Nobody will deny divine intervention should anything very specific and personal come true.  If you asked God to show you a sign that he exists by sending you a white cat and a white cat jumps in your room, you will be certain God exist.  However even in the event of a white cat, the statistician will again chalk that up to probability by citing the amount of people that ask for a sign from god and the odds of some of them coming true every now and then.  At this point it should be very clear that we are playing a tug of war with someone who has a rope of infinite length on their side, the more “miraculous” the examples you provide are the higher the bar is raised, with infinite height left on the board.  However this is hypocritical logic and undermines the scientific method itself.  In many areas of science today, experimentations with the very small or far or fast, for example, have their results determined by statistical analysis.  A process, to simplify, that depends on carrying out a very large number of experiments that produce a varying range of results.  The acceptance or refutation of the hypothesis in question is determined by whether or not these results show variation similar or close enough to what is expected.  However if we used their logic when evaluating our theories, all their experiments can be dismissed by using their reasoning to undermine the results as a lucky fluke.  Yet they will tell you that their experiments can be repeated enough times that this is incredibly unlikely that it is just luck.  Notice the double standards here.  For purposes that suit them, an unlikely event is sufficient evidence and enough as grounds for proof.  So to the reader, please keep that in mind when time comes to look at my proofs.  Evenstill I will still ask that you don’t regard any of my signs as evidence of anything, but do consider what the totality of everything I mention is implying.  Like the lottery ticket winner, how many prophecies must come true before it is considered proof of prophecying? For most people in the world, one seems to be plenty.  But for the atheist, there can never be a number large enough.  It’s like Zig Ziglar says: If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it everytime.

The WHY Not rejection

For those who say why can’t God just perform a miracle that is super natural and convince everyone, they are assuming God is trying to convince people!  When you read the “trials” segement, you will realize that this isn’t what he is trying to do at all, what he’s doing is testing us in a way to separate the disbelievers from the believers.  Many believe the belief in God should be and come to you easily.  However that is not what God tells us! As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite.  That is why room for doubt is always available.  Again it would be contridactory to the message if there was no room for doubt. That is why god says he is the Lord of the knowledgebale ones.  We also see an example of this when the Prophet would insist on obeying his family after him knowing fullwell that there are those who will do otherwise.  This tells us that God does these things knowing full well that there are those who wont believe but he does them anyway for those who sincerely look for the truth my find guidance through these events.  If you have a valuable prize and you want to give it to the best of the best than you make the test question or perhaps a scavenger hunt as hard as possible in order to filter out those who don’t deserve it.  So considering how paradise has been described to us, do you think it’s something that is going to be given out for everyone? Refer to the “trials” section.

As for those who say why can’t it be supernatural in nature just to convince at least people nearby.  What would you consider to be a supernatural miracle? Can you even think of any that wont be simple with current or future technologies?  Would tricks we see at magic shows count as a supernatural miracle if performed in the street?  See this is another example of man raising the “convince me” bar again to an arbitrary level without even clearly definining it.  What kind of a miracle will do when the creation of the heavens and earth including your ownself does not satisfy?  Wouldn’t a supernatural miracle be understood as simply an unexplained phenomena or something that requires further study?  And wouldn’t you just say well it is more appropriate to say we don’t know than to assume God did this?  See when you consider all sides to this argument you begin to see it is no argument at all, it is simply a new way to give room for doubt for those who simply refuse to believe.  Because I guarantee you if God were to perform a miracle the way you are thinking it will be something regular and in a few decades you will want a SUPERMIRACLE.  That is why God’s miracles are much more elegant and noble in nature.  So stop thinking of the lack of a supernatural miracle as the lack of God’s ability to perform one, rather it is your inability to conceive it that is the problem.


Some believe that a supernatural miracle is appropriate to expect as a way of glorifying God’s greatness.  As innocent as your intentions and your beliefs may be it isn’t thoroughly thought through.  Consider a “feel good” movie or a “comeback” movie where and when a sports team let’s say wins the final game against the bad “evil” team of bullies.  It would be a great achievement for the team, wouldn’t you agree?  Now consider the bad team players were caught cheating and had the upper hand on the field but despite their disadvantage they still managed defeat the other team.  This would be considered to be a greater achievement by the fans and the team.  So if God said obey my laws for your own good otherwise you will be the losers, as in do it for your own good, it is a much greater miracle for his promise to come true and unfold without resorting to any “supernatural” interventions.  Especially considering the fact the other team in this metaphor didn’t really cheat in reality since scientists and atheists are bound by the laws of nature and free will.  So in reality you are not glorifying the power and might of God by expecting something so unnatural.  I would argue that a natural fulfillment of God’s word is a much more significant and miraculous undertaking. 

This isn’t to say that God wouldn’t or will not interfere.  I don’t believe God needs to meet the criteria of what impresses us or what approach we believe he could or should follow.  I am simply telling those that denying me on grounds of my plan being too “NATURAL” is blasphemy if you subscribe to the logic I presented here.  


The definition above highlights 3 main criteria for a miracle:

1. Improbable

2. Points to a divine will

3. At least 1 person believes it



The "Proof of God" is a type of miracles characterized by the following: It is a miracle that is

1. Extremely Improbable

2. Points to a divine decree, fulfills a prophecy

3. At least 1 person believes it and can be scientifically proven



A sign is another type of miracle that is heavily dependent on the PERCEIVER.  From the language section we learned that God communicates with us in a Language only we can understand sometimes.  So something may be considered to be a sign by Perceiver A but not to Person B and it would still be in compliance with IDENTIFICATION RULES or ITS DEFINITION.  And since a sign is a type of miracle then all signs are miracle.  So a sign from God is an unlikely event that leads someone (at least 1 person) to believe it was the Creator’s hand behind it.  Therefore the person who receives the signs is the guided one.

The Middle Ground Reality

Both sides of the argument have left us with much to be desired in terms of consistency and support of claims and open mindedness in comparing what is possible and what isn't. We will have to continue on our own and build on previous sections and the rules we set for ourselves when we determined what best to stick to in order to remain true to objective hunting of the truth. So in section, we will use some of our previous deductions of what is absolutely true, and apply them to the context of the nature of miracles and see what we are left to work with. After we go through the process, we should have a clear idea whether miracles are completely impossible or they are possible in any forms other than the form accepted by the people. Then after that, if such a miracle can possibly exist, we might have an idea of what to look for and examine whether or not they have happened. Because we must never forget, that if an event is possible does not mean it has taken place.

Understanding Squared

The Laws of Understanding we derived in The SSSSSSSection lead us to the following conclusions:

Ideally, this is all the reasons one needs in order to accept my definetion. But for the sake of inclusiveness, I will present more for readers finding themselves wanting more.

The "Supernatural" Fallacy



Some might insist that a supernatural component is necessary when we discuss what miracles are.  But here we run into the same problem yet again.  What is a supernatural event?  Is it an event that defies the laws of nature?  Which laws of nature?  We have already established that DUALITY and CAUSALITY cannot be broken because we cannot perceive what we can’t understand.  This leaves us with the science laws of nature like physics and biology etc. Yet if we were to examine this we find that supernatural events are taking place all the time and manifest all around us under the name of “SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES” or “EVIDENCE” that refutes an older theory and proves a new one. 

For example DARK MATTER AND DARK energy are things we don’t quite understand yet we never consider them to be supernatural!  Or take our two mainstream and conflicting theories on gravity for example, we know they can’t both be true so one them must be false.  Despite this we don’t consider gravity to be a supernatural manifestation.  I hope the issue with this is obvious, you can’t use all these laws as the standard for what is natural because they were all unnatural until they formulated an equation or a name to represent it and it was rendered natural.  By this logic anything can pop out of thin air and as long as we can name and describe it, it is considered NATURAL, or at the least consider it an anomaly that needs further study. 

Consider the fact the entire universe has come out of nothing, yet this wasn’t enough of a sign for a creator.  So asking for a supernatural element is like not seeing the forest for the trees.  In addition to being nonsensical (impossible and self-contradictory), it is also BASELESS from a religious and philosophical perspective.  What will we see if anything was to enter our existence from nonexistence? It will be something that defies duality and causality and therefore cannot be perceivable.  Or if something happens within the laws of duality and causality but still considered supernatural, we will be unable to distinguish it from a highly advanced technology and therefore it isn’t a signature of the divine, especially after the entire universe was not enough.

Keep in mind that this isn’t to say that God is unable to break these laws or do something truly “SUPERNATURAL” if the word carried any real meaning, because he absolutely is and can do much more than that.  It isn’t his ability to do things that is and has been the problem, it is our ability to perceive and understand them that’s been the issue.  We are created with many limits and perception is the main limit.  You can always ask why do this or why create that, however I simply don’t find it necessary nor important for this sort of intervention to happen.  Because if that was to happen then we would get used to it and it will be something, yet again, NATURAL.  In short, there has been many prophets that convinced their nations and reformed them with their “MIRACLES” only for those who come afterwards to deny them and disbelieve.  The human being is very good at demonstrating his ability to ask infinity questions and setting his criteria for proof to continuously move the Bar until his needs are met.  The need to ensure his beliefs aren’t challenged, that is.


After Effects Model

Let us look at the after effects example.  If we consider that God has already designed the entire creation from its beginning to its end and our consciousness is the media player that interprets the code generated after the Adobe file is rendered, we can understand that if an object was designed to come out of thin air and defy certain rules of the “natural” world, to us or our consciousness “media player” it will still appear normal because the object must be broken down into data that you can understand first which means you are still following “your” rules that you deemed them to be the “natural” laws.  This is obvious when science can always tell us the path of ball in free fall but will never be able to tell us where the ball came from.  So stop asking for a supernatural sign, because what you are asking for is a sign that cannot be understood, and there are plenty of those already J


This is to say if the fabric of space and time were to split open and a unicorn poped out of it, the scientific community would simply chalk it off as an anomaly and a mystery that requires further study, they would by no means consider it a sign from God.  They wouldn’t admit it was an uncaused event rather an event whose cause remains unknown.  Think of their theory of infinite universes with dark matter and energy that are still to be detected or proved to exist.  Here it is obvious that science has morphed into a pseudoreligious form disguised as an open minded field of research.  One that you are told to believe it is validated and should trusted above all at every turn.  Yet they are willing to accept the existence of an infinite number of undetected, unproven, and unseen universes in order for their equations to make sense; I am talking about the equations many of which conflict with each other and some are yet to be fully understood.  Equations they formulated in the last few centuries based on their “observation” from one of infinite planets in a mostly (99.9999999999999999999999999999999 23 times)% unobserved universe which they believe to be 14.7 Billion years old.  I am pretty sure Occam’s razor would agree with me if I said GOD takes the simplicity round.  Not because it’s less letters but because it acknowledges that we can’t understand everything, while science keeps arriving at ridiculous claims that contradict its own founding principles of avoiding unproven claims and baseless conjectures and expect us to deny God.  Will I ask you this then fair minded reader, how is this any different than the belief in God who falls outside the realm of our understanding?  We can’t understand the infinite nor can we see those universes!

To summarize, scientifically speaking, the laws of probability have been expanded so much they know include an infinite amount of universes with infinite possibilities.  So they don’t reject that miracles happen, what they are doing is enlarging the sample size to ensure the anomalies become less significant.  However with the recent addition of infinite universes they have expanded to the point of including what cannot be proven i.e. the realm of the impossible, but only the impossible they agree with).  That ladies and gentlemen is the trademark of a religion, and a false religion to be precise.  When you claim that anything is possible and anything that is possible is not a miracle you are shutting the door on any chance that a miracle can exist. 

As Doctor Manhattan said, miracles are meaningless.  You didn’t refute their existence you just took away their meaning.

It’s like defining evidence as anything that supports your theory and anything that does not is not evidence!  This tells us that their definitions allow only a range between two labels for any event that takes place, very probable and very rare.

The Consistent Fair Acceptance

So after the last section, if we were to remain true to the evidence and to being open minded and objective to both sides, we can accept the following definition of a miracle with great peace of mind:

A miracle is and can only be a ....

And don't forget that this only provides us the peace of mind in accepting the possibility of a miracle and the definition of miracle consistent with the accepted premises of what to believe.