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Purpose of life is a test.  The trial feature of this test dictates that there must be room for error otherwise it wouldn’t be a trial.  So when we examine lessons from the past and especially those from holy scriptures we find that even when Prophets and Messengers came with proofs to establish and their people and communities there was always those who denied them.  What this tells us is that the nature of these proofs will not be understood by everyone.  And that is the wisdom that these signs were always things that required contemplation and serious considerations before they become obvious to those who seek the truth.  It is no different today than it was back then.  Let us not forget how obvious the events of Ghadir Khum were and everything that followed even today the majority of people are still in denial with the worst possible excuses.

This first error is the result of people looking at the evidence and trying to make it fit what they want to believe.  Therefore there are two things you must have before you look at any piece of evidence, if you want to get to the truth; An open heart and an open mind.  This means you must be willing to accept that everything and anything is possible as long as it satisfies the criteria for evidence, and you must also not be rigid in what you already believe.  This means you must also be willing to change anything you believe if the evidence suggests that you were wrong.  One of the most difficult hurdles in reaching the truth sometimes can be Pride.  If I may offer a piece of advice of never associating your pride with what you believe on the basis of your specific beliefs.  What I mean is that you shouldn’t be proud of what you believe because you believe in it, rather you should be proud of what you believe because you are confident you are confident it’s the best explanation for the evidence you were presented with.  This makes your pride associated with your willingness to accept what the evidence supports as being the truth instead of using other bias means.  This way if evidence should ever come to present itself that might suggest a different reality, pride no longer plays a role in deterring you from accepting the truth.  Since you cannot be responsible by God or even in other matters for not considering information you didn’t know existed you would have to reason to feel bad accepting the change.  All while your pride remains intact, but even pushing you towards the truth, should more evidence ever be presented.

                So for Christians who may find it difficult to accept that they were wrong, the truth is that you were not wrong, you just didn’t know everything there is to know but your worship and good deeds were counted as much as a muslim for example, perhaps even more than some who know more but believe less with respect to it.  And I would consider all this information and any information that you may ever come across as a gift from God to set you the right path.  I know many Christians believe that in some remote corners in the earth God’s mercy manifests when they bring them news of the Lord.  It would be hypocritical to disbelieve that God would do this for the people who already believe and cherish him.  Otherwise you would be claiming that God would give mercy to those who disbelieve in him but wouldn’t do it for those who believe in him!

So going over the things that might steer you away from the truth if you are not careful: So far we discussed:

Closed Mind

Closed Heart

Lack of Knowledge

There is also:


Lack of knowledge

                Remember how the devil changes the criteria for truth rather than lying to you.  The gay marriage example.


Lying to yourself


Logical fallacy

Lack of Immeadiate fulfillment


So in conclusion, we learned that we can never and should never be 100% sure that what we know is the absolute truth, you can go as high as 99.9999 if you like as look as you leave room for doubt.  Because without doubt, you become closed minded.  However we must be 100% fair and confident that we understood the evidence properly and for the sole reason of finding the truth.  This way we can be confident in what we believe while leaving some room for doubt should evidence to the contrary ever arise.

                This also reaffirms and supports my analysis on miracles and how they must be within the realm of what is naturally and physically possible.