Watery Beast

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Beast of the Water

وحش الماء



(came out of the sea, 7 heads (days), on its heads [each head] are 10 horns (numbers 0-9) and...10 diadems. The ten diadems doesn't fit perhaps I made an error or is there another mentioning of the diadems in scripture that can shed some light? well...the word diadem is mentioned twice more in the book of Revelations:

Then another sign appeared in heaven: There was a great fiery red dragon having seven heads and 10 horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.

Revelation 12:3

and his eyes are as a flame of fire, and upon his head are many diadems -- having a name written that no one hath known, except himself

Revelations 19:12

The other mentions seem to indicate that diadems are placed on the head not the horn, so Revelation 13:1 may have been corrupted overtime and across all the translations from diadems on the head to diadems on the throne. It safe to assume that the 7 heads referenced in Revelation 12:3 is more likely to be accurate having been less of a target to the enemies of God, since it is talking about a sign from heaven, a sign from heaven indeed (of the corruption of 13:1).

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Revelation 13:1

13:1 being an inverse of 313 (stamp of God's approval) is another sign for you that there has been an alteration here.

  ...7 diadems on its heads (seven royal thrones) and on them are the names of Blasphemy (name of the days are names of blasphemous royal thrones [False Gods]; speaks like a dragon (elephant clock, tells time also).   

Remember, the best I can do when presented with two contradictory evidence is chose one of the two to abide by. It is up to you to chose or decide if my choice is correct or would you have ruled differently. But the fact that I had to change one of the two is NOT something to be held against my theory, this will be true for any theory asked to abide by two contradictory rules, one has to be broken!)

  1. It rises from water- explained already
  2. It has 7 heads- 7 day names
  3. It has 10 horns- 10 inscriptions
  4. On its horns are 10 crowns- Names of Gods
  5. On its heads are the names of "blasphemy"- see 4
  6. like a leopard
  7. Free and bond- people will accept it willingly
  8. Its rich and poor- everyone will follow and go by it
  9. It was given power by the dragon - backed by the Alliance of Surrat Al-Tawba (the dragon) symbol of repeating units representing the group that makes an alliance.
  10. It was given a seat of Authority - tells people what to do
  11. It spoke and the whole world followed it - see 10
  12. One of the heads was a cause of wonder - Fatal is the key word, means causes death (healed death)- Sunday-Day of Resurrection
  13. It has a name and a mark - Obviously it would have name which is why mentioning that it does is a clue, because the word Time's is actually used as the name of the concept as well as it's value at a given, like when someone asks for the time or what time is it?  So if the name is Time, the mark is the Wrist Watch/clock on wall and their marks that determine the time. Btw, in arabic the word hour is used for hour, watch, clock and the day of judgement. Not sure why they decided to call a unit of measure that which they believed mean something like the day judgement. It would be like miles had been called hells instead. So every speedometer and yardstick and signs etc everything that we use miles for had hell as part of the nomenclature. Isn't it odd to contemplate a reality where you get pulled over for going over 45 hells/hour? Well not in the arabic world that goes by the analogous 45 kilometers/hells.
  14. It's name has a number - Time also has a numerical value system or systems. So it is based on a numerical language so it has numbers.
  15. Nobody can transact without it or its mark or number of name - Need "Business Hours", the "work days", hourly pays everything everything is based on time and the economy is exceptionally designed to function based on predetermined schedules.
  16. Everyone will receive its mark on their right hands and/or forehead - The right hand is what I discussed in another section, is the hand you work with. As in what you go by, like when asked as children to distinguish our left from right, we were told that the hand we write with is our right hand. So technically speaking, lefthanded people should be called something else because their left hand is actually still what would be called "right" according to the original meaning or intent of the word. That's why the Quran is always talking about those who take the book in their left hands and describes their actions to be in conflict with what the book says and tells us to take it in our right hand. So obviously I'm speaking of the wrist watch that we all go by which means we take it in our right hand not "left" as we define left today. Forehead - refers to a place where something is being displayed or where you would put something to be declared or announce. So wall clocks at home and tower clocks in plaza displays, malls, town centers and downtowns, Mekka's tower etc....
  17. Number of its name is 666 - fragments life"time" into 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds. 2+4=6 ; 6+0=6 ; 6+0=6; 666
  18. May have appeared before the advent of Islam - Dated before the Prophet's Descent.

Some of these things I will not be able to explain at the moment without clashing against some sturdy walls of cognitive dissonance but some of these I believe we can all agree on. And let’s keep in mind that these are PROPHECIES, meaning that they are to offer us clues NOT be taken literally although some may manifest literally in order to help us understand that we are on the Right Track.

Head of Days: (Use the search for the article that talks about the ancient records of the giant head carried by boat and arrived every morning to Phoenicia (modern lebanon) after a journey that took exactly one day.) Obviously people misunderstand that because that would be very unlikely to get it this accurate and there is nothing fantastical about the story to make it part of a legend or myth. Instead it was their version of the "start of the day" as in the boat may have arrived an hour early or an hour late but to them, a day was when the boat arrived regardless of how we measure a day in the 21st century. And before you judge their system as odd, consider the fact the we have daylight savings first and other stuff that I shouldn't get into here and drown our topic.

Head-The First or Means of Recognizing Something or Someone – like a title can be described as the Head of The page. So it is the word used to convey meanings like First/Highest/ID/Name – All depends on the Frame of Reference you use. It is important to remember that our vocabulary today has expanded to include concepts and items that were not existence when some prophecies were made and this must always being taken into considerations when you try to interpret them.

Head of days = Names of Days

God is referred to as the Ancient of Days, as means to identify he The One that existed before days (time) existed and at other times he or the messiah is referred to as the Head of Days, as analogous way of Shia saying Sahib al3asr wal Zaman.

So 7 heads is a reference to the 7 Names for days.

he sailed in a ship, they were tossed by the waves, they came to an island, he is in the Syrian Sea (Mediterranean) – Explained by the video

They were met by a beast with a great deal of hair – The Mammoth is very hairy

Can't tell his face from his back –  Elephants have a short tail, long trunk

I will come out and travel in the land, and will not spare any town – He will be everywhere basically. And he sure is! Most people can’t even comprehend what it really means that there is no time. For those having this problem, try to imagine a world without clocks and I'll help you with the rest of this transition when the time comes.




infinite 1 Day/Life

measured by deeds


24 hour 60 minutes 60 seconds

measured by money

2+4 = 6

6+0 = 6

6+0 = 6



The prophecies and The Qur'an told us that only when The Mahdi appears will the identify of the beast be revealed. So if you accept my theory to be true then you must accept who I am as well. You cannot have it both ways and accept The Beast but not The Mahdi without contradicting yourself, because The Beast is based on the same traditions that give The Mahdi the authority of The Prophet over you.

O people, fear your Lord (obey him); surely the shock of the Hour is a grievous thing.

The day you see it, every woman (who had nursed/raised children) will be in a shock of what she had nursed [a Slave to the pharaoh] and every soul carrying a (worldly) burden on its shoulders will be removed and thou wilt see men as drunken, yet they will not be drunken, but the chastisement of God is severe.

And among men are ones who dispute concerning God without knowledge, and follow every rebellious devil [instead of God's light/Imam] —

For him, it is written that [his purpose], whoever takes him as his leader (Wali) - [guide/in charge of his affairs/interpreting God's will], he will lead him astray and guide him towards the chastisement of the blazing fire.

Qur'an 22:1-4






The Machinest

Over It Are 19

Qur'an 74:30

By the Star when it is Sent down

Qur'an 53:1

And The Mu.. is farther down

Qur'an 53:53

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