The word the root word شعار for signal/identifying marks, thus it is the word usually used for logos or banners and all things that fall under the symbols or trademarks. It should not to be confused with شعر that means feel, and later one used for poetry. Similar to “مهد” should not be confused with “مهاد” as I have shown in the Name Section. “شعائر” is the plural form of the root.


The word for someone who is causing a “flooding”, based on its absolute abstract form of causing uniform interval increase of a field. It’s the real word for what people call today “دعوة” as in “invitation” [to islam]. As if people accept Islam as a result of being invited to it. And the word is chosen for representing the people who used to do حج as flooding information معلومات to multiple people at the same time, thus causing a “flooding” … Read More

الْحَرَامِ ۖ

The word used to describe anything that leads away from God’s guidance. And God guides with the Absolute Truth “حق” which is perceived by its absolute consistency “صدق” which can only be perceived with knowledge which is learned logically. Thus anything that defies logic is “حرام” because it steers you away from truth and eventually from knowing God.


The root word for it is شعر and understood today to mean poetry which is false. This was attributed to poetry for its ability to affect you on an emotional level, as the word for “feel” is “يشعر”. But the holy txts aren’t speaking of poetry nor was the Qur’an used or accepted for its beautiful renditions! As a matter of fact there was no such thing as “the great poets” who were floored when they heard it, like they … Read More


The ability to defend a System against any and all arguments brought against it. So when you  Point of Contention as supp using Logical Arguments. n argument against the other side, who holds a different belief. For example the word “احتاج” and “يحتاج” are the first, and third person form for the verb “need”.  But this is a development for the original meaning of “the need for an answer to a certain conflict or ideas not fully understood”, thus when … Read More


This is another word extracted from The House Construction base we established. Today, in a religious context, it means “Faith”. Yet in a secular context, the word retains its original meaning of “feeling Secure” derived from the root “امن” or “امان”  for “Security” and symbolized by the act of taking refuge or residence in the House of God, So those who believe in his religion and feel secured are called “مؤمنين” because they have “ايمان” in their beliefs. Today the … Read More


Part of The House Construction Lesson: This word is the label used to identify the “Entry Point” of any given system. This point is only known and therefore assigned by the Architect of the house. This is emphasized by the famous Hadith of the Prophet:“I am the city of knowledge, and Imam Ali is its door”. So if you want to enter the house, to be one of its residents, you can only enter said house from its door. So … Read More


This term has many dimensions one can delve into but I’m going to keep it within the confines of our current topic. Since we are mainly focusing on 3 dimensions or “خطوط” We can perceive the word “بيت” as any Complete System made up of a number of SubUnits (حجار) built on a single Foundation Layer (كعبة) centered around a Foundation Stone (حجر اساس). Construction of the System is called (عمر) and the people who can build any given System … Read More


The plural of the word used for any argument (X) for consumption (to believe). The word is used in reference to any concepts being believed by a Subject in the-1st person plural. So the root word اكل means: “food for thought” consumed by the Person And طعم or طعام is the word اكل with the Subject embedded into it and thus becomes “food for thought” consumed by others-given to them by the original subject. So plainly put: اكل refers to … Read More

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