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The plural of the word used for any argument (X) for consumption (to believe).

The word is used in reference to any concepts being believed by a Subject in the-1st person plural.

So the root word اكل means: “food for thought” consumed by the Person

And طعم or طعام is the word اكل with the Subject embedded into it and thus becomes “food for thought” consumed by others-given to them by the original subject.

So plainly put: اكل refers to ideas someone believes, while طعم refers to ideas someone convinces others.

ex: اكل الضرب is the phrase used to say: He fell for it.

while طعم is the word used for vaccination, to an immunity someone receives from someone else.

And both words are used in connection with food today.

Special Note: In terms of general ideas and concepts the Qur’an uses two words: Water, and Food as the symbols. It’s worth noting that طعام is used when random people are doing the “feeding/nourishing/convincing” but the word “ماء” is used when God’s people are making the argument. This is interesting as it represents the difference by the necessity for food to be chewed (mulled over/considered carefully) while water is used for it’s smooth flow and relatively much quicker ability to quench one’s needs.

This is even more amazing, when we consider the use of the word “سجيل” when describing the “rocks” or “arguments” used in the construction of God’s Proof and/or House by the Imam. A word that used when describing the smooth flow of water that is most laminar in flow and consistency without being turbulent-from an engineering fluid dynamics perspective, Perfect Flow.

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