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Purity of Intention-is the honest intention to arrive at the truth not to shape the truth as the one you already believe.

Most modern debates, for example, are fundamentally flawed by the ridiculous idea of “winners” and “losers”, and the fact

that both sides begin their debates with the intention/purpose of either Proving their Point or Proving the other side Wrong.

The entire framework of how modern debates are setup is designed with absolute zero consideration given to finding out what is true and what it isn’t.

The real debates (حج) have two winners. One person learns something new leading him to abandon his previously held mis-belief and the other person’s belief is reinforced having been tested and earns the “احسان” of guiding someone to the truth-that he himself was guided to at one point or another! And unless he’s an Imam, then that guidance came on the hands of a human being.

Compare that to the way debates are carried on today. Sure, you are supposed to find weaknesses in the opposing arguments but this should be done with the Pure Intention of making sure both parties along with any witnesses are getting to hear every side of an issue or argument, not simply with the intention of poking holes in the other side in order to win. Otherwise what you are really doing is spreading misinformation. If you want to test the validity of what i’m saying, ask yourself how many debates have you seen that ended with one person adopted the other person’s belief and abandoned theirs…I haven’t seen any. I’m not even sure if they ever actually happened in modern times, much less be the norm. This is an obvious sign that these people came to argue in order to win, I believe that most of them don’t even know if they were right or wrong, or even care for that matter. Take political pundits (pun-puny;dit-say) for example, they are already affiliated with a certain party and they are expected to sit there and pretend that they believe the person they are defending is infallible and that they can read their mind! I don’t understand how this is even acceptable news casting!  And if you say you are a muslim then you shouldn’t even partake in debates with that flawed setup. Remember that doing Hajj is a duty for God’s sake, not yours-materially. Remember God’s words:

هَلْ جَزَاءُالْإِحْسَانِ إِلَّا الْإِحْسَانُ   

What recompense qualifies to be the reward of doing good except the good doing itself.

Meaning the ability to do good is the greatest gift God has awarded you.

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