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Part of The House Construction Lesson:

This word is the label used to identify the “Entry Point” of any given system. This point is only known and therefore assigned by the Architect of the house.

This is emphasized by the famous Hadith of the Prophet:“I am the city of knowledge, and Imam Ali is its door”.

So if you want to enter the house, to be one of its residents, you can only enter said house from its door. So for God’s house, constructed by his prophets. The door specified by the last of them is Imam Ali.

Another interesting note worth mentioning is that the root word “بقة” describes the mouth and the act of consuming liquids-drinking. Both are terms connected to role played by the position of the Imam.

This is signified in the qur’anic verses:

“The day when “one who quenches thirst” is revealed. يوم يكشف عن ساقى”

In addition to the many verses describing water as God’s blessing and the source of his knowledge-that he grants to man (symbol of the teachings of his chosen ones).

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